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Other Stuff that Interests the Whites

Here are a few websites we enjoy or find interesting and hope you find them useful as well.


RVNetwork.com - A section of this forum has info on Heavy Duty Trucks and rallies

Facebook.com/WyliePhotos - Fire and Police photos we have taken in Wylie, TX

Facebook.com/YellowstonePhotos - Our photographs of wild animals and landscape we see in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park

Box4.org - A volunteer organization supporting Dallas Fire-Rescue while working an incident.


Alicia enjoys these sites:

BackOfTheRoomProductions.com - Alicia's speaker branding and product design company

AliciaWhite911.blogspot.com - Advice for business professionals based on personal stories and observations.

Facebook.com/AliciaWhite911 - Follow or Friend Alicia for posts that will enlighten or make you laugh!

PublicSpeakersAssociation.com - A great place for professionals to learn how to market their business through speaking. I am the director of the Plano, TX Chapter.

Wylie.ToastmastersClubs.org - Join other members as they get over their fears of public speaking and build confidence. There are chapters all over the world.


Rick enjoys these sites:

IncidentPage.net - Rick's emergency incident alert service